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What can I offer?

My name is Dan and I'm currently in my second year at The University of Portsmouth studying film production.

I am a hard-working and diligent individual and am always looking to improve my craft. I have a huge passion for film and all of it's intricate details from pre to post production.

My experience on multiple shoots both on and off the course has allowed me to develop a calm and collected approach towards teamwork. This has also developed through my time in part-time employment in catering and retail.

Alongside a huge amount of passion and energy towards everything that I'm involved in, I always offer practical and theoretical input.

I always look to maintain topical, stylistic and tonal focus/consistency. I also make sure to consider the group's approach towards ideology and spectatorship. 

I believe that film should engage audiences in a dynamic fashion - this is achieved through a balance between aesthetics and messaging.