Film Set
On top of what I have produced myself, the different sectors of the industry has given me a wealth of useful experience from promotional material to fiction film.

I've attended a variety of industry talks, from creative industry talks that outlined the relationship between film and other interactive media like Virtual Reality to GTC Television Academic Days which provided a useful insight into the working lives of those that are self-employed in the industry.  

I've also been involved with a lot of different shoots for Victory Media, a student-led media company, since I first arrived at Portsmouth University. Alongside running for "Spotted Pompey:Live", I've also provided camera for an interview with a Policeman discussing student safety, as well as for some promotional material for Kings Theatre Portsmouth's 'Aladdin'. This has allowed me to branch into other areas of television, such as running for the broadcasting of the Student Elections.

At the age of 16 I also managed to attain some valuable experience running for a Trailer Publishing House called "Intermission Film Studios". This gave me an important insight into the process of the publication of international promotional material for feature-length films from dealings with the client to the release of the final product. Valuable time in the editing suits gave me a plethora of knowledge behind the editing of trailers and the different editing styles that clients may be looking for.  

The shooting of "Rescuing Christmas" also proved to be very worthwhile, as not only did this build my skills in on-location sound recording with various boom-pole techniques, but enabled me to do so through the help of those within the industry. This has provided me with an interesting look into the creative trajectories of those that have graduated the course, such as the work behind music videos.  

Lending a hand to 3rd-year graduate films paved the opportunity for me to examine the different directing and shooting styles of students who are working with a budget. This can be seen with my role as a sound-recordist on "The Dark Sorcerer" and Running/Sound Assistant on "Flea". Both these shoots allowed me to gauge the type of working environment that I should adopt with my own work.   

My involvement with Notting Hill Carnival 2020 gave me a fantastic opportunity to observe all the intricate and multi-layered dynamics between all the different roles on a professional studio set. Working closely alongside the production coordinators, my position in helping smoothen the tight schedule not only entailed supporting the crew and talent, but also making spreadsheets and cooperating with post-production studios around London like 'Double-Negative'.