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A Quiet Place Part II Review

"A Quiet Place Part II", Platinum Dunes, 2021

I really disliked this film. Feeling even less fulfilling than the cliff-hanger ending the first instalment of the series, John Krasinski's 3rd outing in the director's chair continues to showcase a lack of focus, detail and character that takes away from how interesting the premise is. Accompanied by a tediously dime-a-dozen story for survival, 'A Quiet Place Part II' is a gimmicky summer horror flick that lacks anything distinctly unique or personal to the world it exists in.

Whilst I didn't find anything the film presented to be abhorrently terrible, I found that most of my contempt for it is shaped by everything which I believe took away from the best features of the first movie, which can be boiled down to its characters and how they are used. Aside from a few chilling scenes that really dug its nails deep into what can be explored with these creatures, some of the beats the narrative kept returning to would occasionally disengage me. I'm afraid to say this problem is not only present here as well but falls deeper into its forgettable, and occasionally outwardly annoying, emptiness that leaves me questioning why. Everything just collapses into a boring hodgepodge of tropes which leaves me feeling nothing for any of these characters, who I have grown to actually dislike. The way they're written, the choices they make, even the way that they're shot, putting on a blandly presented pedestal everything that I do not like about this film. Take Millicent Simmonds' 'Reagan'. She is a dead weight that the story goes on to then champion come the finale It's the surface-level details of characterisation and narrative devices that completely removes any emotional weight that it attempts to carry over from the original. The formulaic approach to structure balancing Reagan and Emmet's journey as well as Emily Blunt's boring goings on just screams contrivance, disabling the room for any true development that is earned.

Anyhow, I did not care for this one. Whilst I understand the need to have explored more of the world outside the family unit, they have sacrificed the intimacy that made up for some of the first film's best moments as a horror film. Instead, what audiences are given here is a lifeless thriller that has stripped away the overriding sense of desperation and misses the mark when it comes to examining parenting in a modern world of unrest.

0.5/5 Stars

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