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Marriage Story Review

"Marriage Story", Heyday Films, 2019

I love this film - it plucks at a different set of heartstrings that I didn't even know I had. Everything this film makes you feel not only hits you at 100mph, but wants you to question why it does so.

The emotionally-devastating, yet very familiar, world this film presents is so visceral and detailed with the finest subtleties of film form. The colour palette strikes a beautiful balance between formalism and realism; the cinematography jumps between conventional and enigmatic framing styles; the editing is deceptively seamless; the use of sound grounds the reality of the melodrama that plays out. This idea of a hidden darkness behind the impression of the ideal perfectly reflects the dynamic between the characters, which is fledged out and fully realised under brilliant direction. This film understands the emotional intricacies of a tinged relationship - it's utterly heartfelt and one of the most human films I've ever seen ever, period. Driver and Johansson are (somehow) the perfect pairing and doing so provide the perfect platform to explore the intricacies around the build-up and fallout of love. Despite the depressing subject matter, the tone subverts what you'd find in films like Kramer Vs Kramer that instead provides the room for contemplation rather than just wallowing in its own pity. Every angle behind the movement of the story is handled wonderfully - the pacing aligns the audience to the emotional ups and downs the characters face, the different directions the plot takes is shared perfectly between the protagonists and provide unique, important insights into understanding the emotional gymnastics of these people, providing a wealth of different engaging modes of identification.

This film is a work of art, yet it somehow doesn't draw attention to itself as being so, which, in my opinion, is the best direction the screenplay could've took, since at the end of the day its really just a look into the settlement of a divorce.

5/5 Stars

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