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Wayne's World Review

"Wayne's World", Paramount Pictures Studios, 1992

Whilst its post-ironic humour and Dazed-and-Confused-style suburban bliss can occasionally remind audiences of something slightly better, such as early Sasha Bohen Cohen and/or John Hughe's Ferris Bueller, Myers manages to present pretty standard satire without the super obnoxious edge and personal gripe that buries his personal ticks; Calculated randomness as a solid parody should be.

Underneath its friendly charm and effortless writing that calls back to the inside-jokes-between-close-friends style of comedy that Monty Python ushered in, Myers deepens its shallow simplicity by remaining consistently blunt and lazy with the pacing whilst offering a decent amount of variation with his arsenal of absurdity. This creates a perfect amount of distance that gives both the characters and the trope-y situations they're in enough space to breath, especially with the comfortable amount of time the story allows itself to take despite its short runtime. The mockumentary angle it playfully slips in and out of mirrors effectively the way it constantly breaks outside the box it constructs for itself scene-to-scene, whether tonally or stylistically. What it says about selling out, friendship and consumer culture certainly isn't profane, but its tackled in a way that's both just passable enough for a tangible story and spun the right amount to keep it fitting to the dumb fun that isn't totally what you'd expect. Opting for awkward ticks rather than snappy quips, it makes for a casual watch that falls squarely on the shoulders of humorous asides and parody, fitting firmly in that special place of early-90s comedies both too dated and surprisingly forward-thinking with the effort put into its gags.

In conclusion, this more reserved side to Mike Myers, whilst never outstaying its welcome, offers a well-rounded platform for that timeless sketch style of comedy with an engaging mix of methodical slow-burners and witty one-liners.

4/5 Stars

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